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Ready Chesapeake

2049 West Street

Suite 205

Annapolis, MD 21401

Tel: 410-941-8042


Ready Chesapeake is a non-profit organization focused on creating business resilience in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County through our business emergency preparedness outreach initiatives and our public-private sector partnership.


Our organization was created in 2010 by Leadership Anne Arundel's Inaugural Fellows graduates to fill a gap that existed between the private and public sectors.  Ready Chesapeake has been endorsed by the City of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Emergency Management Operations Centers.

"On behalf of the Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management, I am writing to you today in order to express our support in your efforts to better prepare the local business community.  By preparing local businesses and strengthening public/private partnerships, your organization will benefit businesses, but also local governments and communities.  As you know, the business community will play a large role in the recovery efforts after a major catastrophe.  The quicker the business community can recover, the quicker they can provide much-needed essentials to the local communities, thus enhancing community recovery and reducing the strain on local governments."


Office of Emergency Management

Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Plan, Repsond, Recover


Resilience for the Whole Community